This is a bit of a weight loss blog (gosh I remember when I didn't even know what a blog was and now look at them all), anyhoos hopefully I'll get a bit of motivation from this.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Mid year spew

Well I’ve been very busy lately. Had our mid year ‘do’ at Toto’s on Friday. It was a medieval theme and I hired a dress to wear. Had a fantastic time right up to the point where I woke up on the carpet at 7am. I remember everything pretty clearly right up to dessert then nothing after that.

I threw up everywhere, in the taxi, all over myself, outside and on the carpet. Nice….

Apparently they couldn’t get me out of the taxi, I refused to move and was lying on the floor right at the back trying to sleep. Its not cheap ‘soiling’ a taxi either. That was an $80 bill! Ouch.

So Saturday was a complete writeoff, I woke up at 7am and greg helped me into the shower to wash the vomit out of my hair. Took some sleeping tablets and woke up again at 1pm, had another shower to try and wash the smell out of my hair. I found it really hard to walk and stand, my legs were shaking violently so spent the rest of the day in bed while my darling boyfriend went out and got junk food (a necessity) and a dvd.

Sunday we went dirt biking out at Woodhill. Had a few crashes, Greg had a classic one when he was trying to ride up a dune on the beach and hit a log. It took a long time to stop laughing much to his disgust (once I realised that he was ok of course!). We got home around 6pm rather buggered.


Off to the gym tonight, still sore from riding (my chest, arms and shoulders) so might find the pushups a bit hard.

Sounds like I might be going to Thailand next week for work, they should be fun (the travelling/sightseeing bit, not so much the work, I’m not that sick!!)


On the lard front, I have been eating lots of crap lately. I find the more fat you eat the more you crave it. But made a delish casserole last night which is pretty healthy and will do me for dinner for the next couple of nights. And have my home made minestrone super-tasty soup for lunch. Just need to stay away from those biccies!!

My weight doesn’t appear to have gone up much, but hovering way closer to the 70’s than I would like!


Taa raa!


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